Corporate Overview

Communications Systems, Inc. is a leader in providing physical connectivity infrastructure and services for global deployments of broadband networks. With an emphasis on innovative, high quality, high value solutions, the company enables telcos, large network clients and other customers to efficiently deliver, manage, and optimize their broadband network services and architecture.

CSI is all about connectivity. We develop, manufacture and distribute the technologies and infrastructure components that enable organizations to reliably connect, and remain connected, to their customers, partners, suppliers, employees and other stakeholders.

Following are just a few examples of how we help to optimize connectivity and performance:

  • Ecessa secure SD-WAN eliminates downtime. Our job is to make business networks run better, and Ecessa SD-WAN creates secure Never Down® networks that simply do not fail. By deploying automatic failover and leveraging up to 25 communication links ranging from MPLS, lower cost broadband, cable, satellite, microwave or cellular 5G/4G/LTE, we guarantee uptime and keep our clients’ businesses growing.
  • Do IT challenges slow your business down? Since 1989, JDL Technologies has offered industry leading IT solutions that let you focus on taking your organization to the next level. We have a unique, future-forward approach to managed technology services. Our clients choose us for technical expertise and stay with us for superior customer service.

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