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Deliver, Manage & Optimize Your Broadband Network

Communications Systems, Inc. brings tradition and innovation together in a robust company focused on keeping people and businesses connected.

Established as a regional telecommunications firm in 1969, CSI has deep roots in the Midwest and a global reach that extends to customers in more than 100 countries worldwide. We’re proud to celebrate more than 40 years of innovation and business excellence on behalf of our customers, partners, investors and other stakeholders.

The company proudly nurtures the entrepreneurial, problem-solving spirit throughout our four business units, and our newest initiative to drive operational excellence at all levels further strengthens this focus.

Through our business units, CSI provides physical connectivity infrastructure, broadband network services, fiber optics integration, information technology, and other tools and services that enable client networks to be optimized from the edge to the end-user.

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CSI Companies

CSI Companies